Speed M&A™: The Optimal Engine for a Programmatic M&A Strategy

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) have always been pivotal to the strategic evolution of businesses. According to McKinsey & Company, Programmatic M&A has “proven to be the most successful at delivering results—provided you execute it right.” While Programmatic M&A outlines the “what” and “why” for maximizing value creation via M&A by emphasizing regular, smaller acquisitions for consistent growth, Speed M&A™ can provide the quintessential “how” to make the entire process smoother and smarter. Here’s a closer look at why Speed M&A is ideally suited to be the engine behind a successful Programmatic M&A strategy:

Seamless Execution in a Fast-paced Environment

The very nature of Programmatic M&A necessitates frequent transactions. Speed M&A, with its focus on streamlined processes and swift execution, aligns perfectly with this need. By leveraging forms and playbooks, Speed M&A ensures that businesses can quickly identify, evaluate, and close deals, allowing them to maintain the momentum that a Programmatic M&A strategy demands.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Handling multiple smaller acquisitions means that businesses need to be extra vigilant about costs. Speed M&A’s emphasis on cost-effectiveness ensures that each transaction is optimized for maximum value, reducing redundancies and ensuring every dollar is well spent.

Data-Driven Insights

The success of a Programmatic M&A strategy hinges on making the right acquisition choices consistently. Speed M&A’s focus on data-driven decision-making ensures that businesses are well-informed and can identify the best opportunities that align with their strategic vision.

Balanced Legal and Boutique Approaches

With regular acquisitions, businesses need both the robustness of big law and the agility of boutique services. Speed M&A’s balanced approach ensures that companies get the best of both worlds, providing the legal firepower required for acquisitions while ensuring personalized attention to detail.

Strategic Alignment

For Programmatic M&A to be effective, each acquisition should align with the business’s overarching strategy. Speed M&A prioritizes this alignment, ensuring that every deal, no matter how small, complements the long-term vision and goals of the company.

Integration Efficiency

Given the continuous nature of acquisitions in a Programmatic M&A approach, integration becomes a recurring challenge. Speed M&A’s emphasis on swift and value-driven integration ensures that businesses can smoothly assimilate their new acquisitions, minimizing disruptions and maximizing value on Day 1.


Programmatic M&A provides a clear roadmap for businesses aiming for steady growth through regular, strategic acquisitions. Speed M&A offers the ideal toolkit to navigate this roadmap efficiently. By prioritizing speed, efficiency, strategic alignment, and data-driven insights, Speed M&A not only complements the Programmatic M&A strategy but elevates it, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to thrive in the competitive M&A landscape. In essence, if Programmatic M&A is the strategic vision, Speed M&A is the operational excellence that brings that vision to life.

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