High Volume Contracts

Unmatched Review and Negotiation Speed in the Package of a Boutique Firm

JonesSpross has developed and refined playbooks and workflows that offer clients speed matched only by the world’s largest legal partners, in the personalized package of a boutique firm. With the help of a global workforce, JonesSpross ensures that the firm’s smallest clients, as well as those organizations needing hundreds of contracts each month, are serviced efficiently and effectively.

We needed to execute 100 NDAs in about a week. The quotes from the big firms were exorbitant, but nobody else could pull off that volume and speed. JonesSpross convinced me they could make it happen and not only did they – they did it in 3 days! JonesSpross is truly unique in this industry. I’d recommend them to anybody.

– Kip McKenzie, CEO, Tekton Research

Corporate Entity/Governance

Adoption Agreement

Company Agreement

Contribution Agreement

Convertible Promissory Note

Distribution Agreement

Indemnity Agreement

Intercompany Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Membership Interest

Purchase Agreement

Merger Agreement

Mutualized Professional

Services Agreement

Note Purchase Agreement

Option Agreement

Option Plan

Participation Agreement

Power of Attorney

Profits Interest Plan

Proxy Agreement

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Registration Rights Agreement

Repurchase Agreement

Restricted Stock Issuance Agreement

Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Shareholder Agreement

Side Letter

Stock Option Plan

Stock Purchase Agreement

Stock Issuance Agreement

Stock Restriction Agreement

Stockholders Agreement

Subscription Agreement

Technology Transfer Agreement

Term Sheet

Voting Agreement

Financial/Banking Related Documents

Forbearance Agreement

Guaranty Agreement

Intercreditor Agreement

Letter of Credit

Loan Agreement

Lock-Up Agreement

Payoff Letter

Pledge Agreement

Promissory Note

Security Agreement

Human Resources/Employment

Code of Conduct

Commission Agreement

Employment Contract

Headhunter Agreement

Internship Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Offer Letter

Proprietary Information Agreement

Recruiting Agreement

Sales Agent Agreement

Separation Agreement

Severance Agreement


Litigation Related Agreements

Arbitration Agreement

Release Agreement

Settlement Agreement

Mergers & Acquisitions

Asset Purchase Agreement

Bill of Sale

Letter of Intent

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Securities Purchase Agreement

Standstill Agreement

Partnering Agreements

Advertising Agreement

Collaboration Agreement

Co-Marketing Agreement

Finder’s Fee Agreement

OEM Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Referral Agreement

Reseller Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement

Teaming Agreement

Sales Related Agreements

Assignment Agreement

Cloud Services Agreement

Content License Agreement

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Licensing Agreement

Maintenance Contract

Master Services Agreement

Platform as a Service Agreement

Royalty Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Software Development Agreement

Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement

Software License Agreement

Statement of Work

Technology Access/Use Agreements

Beta Agreement

Business Associates


Confidentiality Agreement

Data License Agreement

Escrow Agreement

IP Rights Assignment

Joint Development Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Open Source Policy

Privacy Policy

Security Policy

Source Code License

Technology License Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Trial Use Agreement

Vendor/Services Agreements

Advisor Agreement

Advisory Board Agreement

Agency Agreement

Consignment Agreement

Consulting Agreement

Co-Working Agreement

Dumpster Rental Agreement

Engagement Letter

Independent Contractor


Insertion Order

Lease Agreement

Letter Agreement

Listing Agreement

Manufacturing Contract

Outsourcing Agreement

Premises Lease

Property Management Agreement

Purchase Order

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Retainer Agreement

Residential Lease

Service Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement

Sublease Agreement

Supply Agreement