Nulo Pet Food

Business and Growth Advising, Every Step of the Way

CEO and Founder Michael Landa, who has achieved such honors as Austin Business Journal’s “Best CEO in Austin” and Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year,” launched Nulo after decades of experience in everything from pet care to engineering and business strategy. He knew from the start that the best way to bring better health to more dogs and cats was through careful expansion and growth. He has worked for over a decade with Robyn Siers and the attorneys at JonesSpross to do just that.

While investment has been critical to Landa’s growth strategy, he has always focused on only accepting the investment he needed, and only when he needed it, to achieve his mission and reach his business goals. Investor relations was not an initial core competency, so Landa worked with Siers to understand the ins and outs in his earliest funding rounds, learning how to avoid common pitfalls and uncover red flags with potential investors.

“Robyn protected me at the beginning so that by the time we reached later, larger investment rounds, I understood the game.” Still, Landa chose to continue to work with Robyn and the JonesSpross team in later rounds and through acquisition and follow-on growth. At this point, not only had they become true business advisors – they were also among the most knowledgeable and efficient attorneys in the space. Even when additional resources were required, JonesSpross was connected to a trusted network that ensured the job would get done to Landa’s high expectations. The result? In more than a decade, Landa has had no issues with his investor base. And he knows enough now to realize how unusual that is.

Robyn protected me at the beginning so that by the time we reached later, larger investment rounds, I understood the game.

To this day, Landa considers JonesSpross truly unique in an industry where occasional requests can often leave you with a surprising invoice at the end of the month. In Landa’s words, “JonesSpross doesn’t nickel and dime.” They are there when Landa needs them, and even check in to ensure things are going as smoothly as possible for his business – and yet he is never surprised by a bill. “I’ve worked with many attorneys over the span of my career, and never has one genuinely understood my business and cared about my wellbeing like JonesSpross.”


Nulo Pet Food believes that inside our best friend lives an incredible canine or feline athlete. Founded in 2009, the innovative pet nutrition brand has brought the widest assortment of ultra-premium foods to more than 6,000 pet specialty retailers across the U.S. and seven other countries, ensuring that more pets benefit from the best functional ingredients available.

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