Mike Baker

Of Counsel

Mike Baker is the managing partner of Baker Tax Law, LLC, a tax firm with which Jones Spross frequently works. Mike is a tax lawyer who assists clients over the lifecycle of their business. He frequently advises regarding choice of entity, conversion between entity types, tax-free reorganizations and taxable exit transactions. Additional areas of expertise include qualified small business stock, equity compensation, tax code Section 83(b) elections, phantom equity, deferred compensation, and tax code Section 280G. Mike has represented clients in over 450 M&A transactions, including transactions with consideration in excess of a billion dollars.

Mike taught individual income tax and corporate tax at Utah Valley University from 2015-2016 and employee benefits and compensation law at the University of Colorado Law School from 2013-2014.

Mike received his law degree from Cornell Law School and his LL.M. in tax from NYU. He received a B.S. in Accounting, magna cum laude from Utah State University, where he was the recipient of the business school’s Ernst & Young Scholarship.