Cassidy Cahal

Cassidy Cahal Cassidy has spent nearly a decade focusing on corporate governance and financings, merger and acquisitions deals, and general contract review/creation. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Pre-Law from the University of Texas. SEE ALL TEAM MEMBERS

Tina Erales

Tina Erales Senior Paralegal Tina has an extensive background in trademark and copyright filings and maintenance, corporate formations, operations, and dissolutions, contract review and drafting, marketing and PR reviews, and assisting with M&A and transactions involving entity funding. In addition, she has deep knowledge of privacy, advertising, and sweepstakes and contest laws. Prior to joining […]

Joanna King

Joanna King Paralegal; Admin Joanna supports attorneys and administrators at JonesSpross in a variety of capacities including education, event planning, and administration. Prior to joining JonesSpross, Joanna worked as a music educator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Abilene Christian University. SEE ALL TEAM MEMBERS

Leigh Ann McGehee

Leigh Ann McGehee Admin Leigh Ann is a firm “jack-of-all-trades,” utilizing her 15-year tenure in civil litigation, criminal defense, and criminal prosecution to support Jones Spross attorneys and administration. Prior to joining JonesSpross, Leigh Ann was employed at a law firm in Los Angeles specializing in mass tort litigation, where she worked primarily on pharmaceutical […]

Nikki McKenzie

Nikki McKenzie Litigation Paralegal Nikki has specialized in litigation of all kinds for more than two decades. Most recently, Nikki has focused on eDiscovery, technological innovation in the litigation realm, and commercial and/or tech-related litigation. Nikki has served in nearly every support capacity available in the law, including court clerk, legal secretary, and paralegal to […]

Thuy Ngo

Thuy Ngo Thuy focuses on general contract review and creation at JonesSpross. Prior to joining the firm, Thuy was employed by the United States Army as an Airborne Infantryman in the Special Forces Qualification Course and worked within the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center of the Special Warfare Medical Group for for 4 years. […]

Leigh Rand

Leigh Rand Trademark Paralegal Leigh has worked exclusively with trademarks, copyrights, advertising, and sweepstakes for nearly 25 years. Prior to joining JonesSpross, Leigh spent time in Fortune 500 legal departments such as Ecolab and Target, as well as in large law firm settings. Over the course of her career, Leigh has assisted with the registration […]

Joleen Sanborn

Joleen Sanborn Office Manager/Legal Admin Joleen has more than 25 years’ experience working with some of the brightest and most creative business people in the tech industry. She has been with JonesSpross for a decade, managing the office, administration, and acting as “air traffic controller.” Prior to JonesSpross, Joleen worked at Trilogy Software, later transitioning […]