Get deals done faster and more efficiently

The fastest way to grow your business is through acquisitions, but the path to maximizing ROI is challenged by high costs, time delays, and unneeded complexities.

Speed M&A™ is an innovative, systematic approach to mergers and acquisitions pioneered by JonesSpross to:

Streamline Processes

Reduce deal closure timelines by taking a systematic approach to expedite the entire M&A process.

Reduce Costs

Enhance overall deal economics by minimizing transaction costs and resource allocation.

Drive Data-Driven Insights

Simplify negotiations and due diligence by using advanced technology and proven processes.

Support Seamless Integration

Accelerate value creation by leveraging the entire JonesSpross legal platform post-acquisition.

Start building your acquisition playbook today

Robyn Siers — Practice Leader

Robyn Siers has leveraged over two decades of experience in marketing, business development, finance, and legal services to create Speed M&A™. She began her career in sales and marketing at a global software company, followed by a tenure in financial services. Robyn then integrated her business background with a legal career starting in venture capital fund formation and corporate matters, working at Cooley LLP for several years. Robyn earned her J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

What is Speed M&A?

By employing cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies, Speed M&A™ streamlines the M&A process, making services more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible. This revolutionary approach empowers clients to seize growth opportunities with unmatched agility, transforming legal strategy into a competitive advantage in a variety of sectors such as managed business services, marketing agencies, technology, healthcare, financial services, professional services and consumer products to name a few.

Embrace the power of Speed M&A™ by JonesSpross to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in today's competitive marketplace.