Terminus Capital Partners

Building, Buying, Running and Selling with JonesSpross

Terminus Capital Partners (TCP) was founded by Alex Western in 2017. With a background in business consulting, hedge funds, and software private equity, Western was determined to quickly build an acquisition machine and platform that could compete with some of the most prominent funds and firms in the business, all of which had been around for decades. He turned to the attorneys at JonesSpross to set up a world-class, credible fund, efficiently support acquisitions, and provide end-to-end general counsel and advisory services to both TCP and its portfolio companies every step of the way.

By the time Western approached JonesSpross, he’d worked with many attorneys and firms and knew what he didn’t want. He was not looking for a prominent partner to “sell” him, only to be replaced day to day with far less experienced staff. He also was not looking for a firm with a “stock” M&A process and templates they’d run through, regardless of the intricacies of the situation or his goals. Finally, he did not want a firm that was only superior for the actual M&A process – he envisioned a partner he could call with any legal strategy challenge or opportunity as it occurred. He didn’t think this type of legal unicorn existed, until he found it and more at JonesSpross.

From the start, JonesSpross dug deep into Western’s business objectives. Once those were established, they supported TCP with what he calls a “Swiss Army Knife™” of specialized skills, from negotiating LOIs or employment for incoming CEOs to sensitive employee matters, due diligence, staying in compliance with the SEC, registering a fund in multiple countries, and more.

They are truly one-of-a-kind. I trust them implicitly with every aspect of my business and always will.

When “scrappy” work was needed, the firm stayed lean. When a more full-service approach was required, they knew how to scale. And they’ve upheld this level of service even as TCP has scaled to multiple acquisitions per year. “They knock it out of the park not just as attorneys but as incredibly strategic business advisors,” exclaimed Western, who was especially shocked as he realized even those on the other side of his negotiations felt the same way.


Terminus Capital Partners is a private equity firm that is known for working closely with the managers, founders, and sellers of the B2B software companies in its portfolio. Focused exclusively on majority investments, TCP is unique in its deep sector expertise and known for its glowing reviews – even from those “on the other side of the table” of an investment or acquisition.

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