Attorneys Who Think Like Founders

HopSkipDrive is the partner of choice for more than 400 school districts and 16,000 schools, and serves families and school districts in more than 20 regional markets. A true innovator in transportation and parenting, the company is known simply for making complicated logistics easier and saving time and reducing stress for all involved.

As a first time co-founder and CEO, Joanna McFarland was referred by a colleague to JonesSpross partner Robyn Siers. About to head out for maternity leave herself, Siers was not taking new clients… until she heard what HopSkipDrive was aiming to achieve. Siers immediately saw the value in the company, and her entrepreneurial and operational background was exactly what McFarland knew she needed. “It was clear she’s a founder at heart,” explained McFarland, who convinced Siers to take HopSkipDrive on regardless of the less-than-ideal timing.

Siers stepped in at the very beginning, working with McFarland on everything from formation documents and founder agreements to fundraising and employee contracts. And she never left. To this day, JonesSpross continues to support HopSkipDrive across all business and legal needs. Siers even joins board meetings, helping McFarland better understand the minds of investors and smart strategies for navigating difficult situations. “Whereas most attorneys are quick to say ‘no’ or redline a document for redlining’s sake, Robyn is always thinking about our overarching business goals, first and foremost. She figures out how to say yes, and when she can’t, she explains how to achieve our objective in another way.” It’s this approach that has caused McFarland to refer JonesSpross to countless other founders and business leaders.

They’re the best lawyers I’ve ever worked with because they are always thinking about our business and where it can and should go.”

As HopSkipDrive enters a period of massive growth, McFarland especially appreciates that everything JonesSpross does is with a lens of future success. “They’re the best lawyers I’ve ever worked with because they are always thinking about our business and where it can and should go.” As for where it’s going? JonesSpross couldn’t be more excited about the future of HopSkipDrive.


In 2013, Joanna McFarland and Janelle McGlothlin bonded at a children’s party over a common challenge: as working moms, they wanted to be able to safely and easily get their kids where they needed to go without sacrificing their careers. One year later, McFarland, McGlothlin and a third Co-founder, Carolyn Yashari Becher, launched HopSkipDrive to offer safe, dependable transportation solutions for families. Soon after, amid significant school transportation logistics challenges and bus driver shortages, the company grew to support school districts as well.

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