Just the word ‘compliance’ can evoke dread and angst, but corporate and legal compliance is a necessity in almost all industries. Constantly changing regulations make a compliance program essential to your business. A good program tailored to your needs will help prevent violations and reduce risk exposure. If there is a violation and a program is in place, the consequences may be reduced. A program effectively communicated to employees will lessen the risk of non-compliance and give them a process to initiate if a violation is detected. Whether starting from scratch or restructuring an existing program, our capable staff is up-to-date on the laws, and ready to assist.

Open Source Compliance

When faced with the choice of build or buy, many businesses look to open source software, or OSS, for their business needs. Although OSS is free, it is not free of legal risks. To evaluate the legal risks, you not only need to have legal expertise, but deep technical backgrounds to delve into complex open source issues. Several of our attorneys honed their legal skills in B2B ecommerce and global computing businesses, and have technical degrees and backgrounds as well. This combination of skills benefits our clients when open source licensing and IP complications arise. We work with you to foresee and manage these liabilities and risks before they happen.

Privacy Compliance

Being proactive in compliance, we work with clients to understand the laws and regulations, evaluate their data collection process, use, transfer and retention. Once we understand the business and practices, we can assist you in developing policies and procedures that will meet the evolving international privacy compliance laws.

Software Export Compliance

U.S. export control laws cover a vast number of compliance issues, including software and technical information. Company staff may not always know the laws or realize what constitutes an export. Often software or technical data is sent to employees or contractors, and an export license may be required. There is a broad range of restrictions on exports of software and technical data. Releasing to a foreign national or even allowing it to be read may be considered an export. Violations can result in civil and criminal penalties. Our expertise in software and compliance regulations allows us the opportunity to work with your team to develop compliance program and draft a training manual for you and your staff.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Compliance

Global anti-corruption laws are increasingly hard to navigate as regulations multiply and the global economy expands. This becomes even more complicated if you are considering transacting business internationally. If you are evaluating a merger or acquisition, the laws, liability and risks need to be clearly understood by senior management and a serious amount of due diligence completed on partners and targets. Our attorneys can develop a compliance program and anti-corruption policy to mitigate risks. During a merger or acqusition, we can work through the due diligence to ensure you meet all compliance requirements.


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