Protecting your intellectual property in this competitive global economy is imperative to the success of your business. Several of our attorneys and staff have extensive experience in all aspects of domestic and international IP transactions. We will work with you to identify your business objectives, understand your products and evaluate your licensing agreements for potential exposure, consistency and strength. Once we understand your needs, our attorneys can restructure or draft agreements that will solidly protect your intellectual property. We will also work with your team to establish best practices to protect and manage your global IP portfolio.


A copyright is a form of intellectual property protection provided by the US government that gives the author or creator exclusive rights to use and distribute creative intellectual works, including photography, art, designs, literature, and computer software. We will work with you to prepare and prosecute copyright applications and complete federal registration, thereby securing ownership and protecting a valuable business asset.


A patent is a right, granted by a national government to an inventor of a new product, innovation or technology, to exclude others from making, selling or using this invention for a certain period of time. We counsel your team on how to protect your patents and we have a network of patent professionals who can assist you with domestic and overseas filings.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is any confidential or proprietary business information or technique, unknown to the public, which gives your business a competitive edge. It can be anything that distinguishes your business from the pack, and protecting it is critical. We help our clients define, develop processes and procedures to protect and manage their trade secrets.


A trademark is a design, logo, symbol, word or phrase, or combination that distinctively identifies a product or service as being exclusively owned by a specific company. A trademark identifies the brand and protects the owner from unauthorized use. Your trademark identifies you with your product and is an asset to your business. We provide domestic trademark services including a comprehensive search, application preparation, registration, and maintenance. For needs outside of the US, we have an extensive network of local counsel who we work with closely in all stages of the international trademark registration process.


We work as a team with specialized legal experts around the world to give our clients the highest quality counsel possible.