The risks of misuse or breach of sensitive data, often inadvertent or unknowingly, can have serious consequences – fines, audits, criminal investigations, negative public relations, and litigation. Information is a valuable asset to many business sectors, but managing all that data while remaining in compliance with global privacy laws is complex and challenging. We provide clients with in-depth experience on domestic and international compliance with data security laws and regulations, including extensive knowledge in the healthcare, ecommerce, and software industries.

Global Data Protection Requirements

Data protection spans the world with many governing bodies and sets of ever-changing laws and regulations. Managing and staying abreast of the complex world of regulations regarding data collection, privacy and protection is increasingly more difficult to manage. We will counsel you on developing strategic privacy solutions to meet global compliance requirements and facilitate information dissimentation and storage.

Creation and Revision of Policies and Procedures

We can review your existing policies to ensure you have a strong compliance program or we can work with you from the beginning to craft a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, training materials and security programs. Our experienced team will perform gap analyses and risk assessments, review contracts and documents, website security and privacy statements, record retention policies, third party service provider agreements, and ensure you are compliant with domestic and internatonal privacy laws.

Drafting and Negotiation of Data Privacy Agreements

We routinely assist clients with drafting and negotating strong nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, privacy policies, business associate agreements (BAA) to meet HIPAA compliance, and privacy statements. We work to ensure that you meet the regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring that your best interests are covered.

Responding to Data Security Audits

With mounting data, changing regulations and threats to information security, there is an increasing amount of security audits. Whether this is an internal voluntary audit or required by a customer, these audits can be in-depth. Our team can assist you with evaluating and preparing for the audit and responding to data breach notifications.

Managing Data Security Breaches

If you are faced with a data security breach, our data security attorneys will help manage the response and implement your security plan. We will support your team in coordinating regulatory notifications, informing customers and managing the breach within compliance of the law.. We will review internal processes and work with you to conduct an internal audit, identify security vulnerabilities and implement a comprehensive data security solution.


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