Our partners were cut from entrepreneurial cloth in the dot-com boom, and they appreciate the many challenges faced on the startup journey. If you’re thinking of starting a new business, our experienced legal team is here to evaluate your needs and help determine the best organizational structure for your business. But that is only the beginning we will continue to provide legal support as your business grows.

Choosing a Business Structure

One of the first big decisions you will make starting a business is deciding on the best business structure. The type of structure you choose affects ownership, profitability, taxation, liability limits, and fundraising. Which structure is right for you? There are many and each has its own pros and cons.

    • C Corp, Limited Liability Company
    • S Corp, Professional Limited Liability Corp, Limited Partnership

We have assisted hundreds of clients in establishing new businesses of all types. We handle everything to get your business started including: name search, formation paperwork, certificates of formation, certificates of incorporation, bylaws, company agreements, minutes, stock restriction agreements, shareholder agreements, and stock plans. We will advise and manage corporate governance procedures, including minutes, board meetings and shareholder resolutions throughout the lifetime of your business.

Businesss Divestiture & Exit Strategy

A divestiture of a private or public company can come in many forms – complete sale of a company, spin-off, merger, a partial sale of assets, buyout, and more. There are many reasons why a company may want to sell all or part of its business – free up resources for better opportunities, corporate reorganization, lack of strategic fit, poor performance, debt and other capital needs.

Creating a solid, detailed exit strategy is well worth the time spent to get the most value out of your business. Whether your company is small or large, there are many considerations leading up to a successful exit, but it can be a smooth process if you’ve designed and executed on a well-crafted plan. We have assisted many small business owners and private companies in achieving their desired exit goals.


Our attorneys have significant experience in the many areas of private equity and venture capital including the due diligence cycle, letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, and structuring a variety of investment vehicles. From entrepreneurs to growth companies, our team has helped many businesses grow and diversify by advising, planning and structuring early stage financing including convertible debt, equity purchases and Series A round financing. We love the entrepreneurial spirit and we get joy out of contributing to our clients’ growth.


We work as a team with specialized legal experts around the world to give our clients the highest quality counsel possible.