Most small-to-medium businesses typically do not require full time in-house counsel, but it’s good to know someone has your back. Outsourcing your legal needs to a firm with a team of experts in a wide range of business areas is smart. It’s cost-effective and gives you access to the legal expertise required for your specific matter each time.

Corporate Governance

Whether you have an LLC or corporation, establishing sound corporate governance principles and procedures is necessary, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to set the responsibilities and objectives of the business, management, shareholders, investors and Board of Directors. Our team will draft bylaws and certificates, LLC Company agreements, handle foreign entity registrations, manage corporate minute books, and counsel your team on compliance, liability, and best practices. Because each organization is unique, we will work with you to develop corporate governance policies to reflect your business objectives.

Draft, Review, and Negotiate Business Agreements

We provide comprehensive services in drafting, reviewing and negotiating routine agreements to complex business contracts. Our team understands that efficient, in-depth reviews and artful negotiation on the front end diminishes disputes and confusion immeasurably downstream. As outsourced general counsel, you will be hardpressed to find an agreement that we have not seen before. With your best interests in mind, we will help establish your unique set of business templates.

Legal Counseling and Risk Management

Our team is skilled at effectively vetting contracts, assessing the risks and negotiating deals to set our clients up for success. We will counsel and educate your team so you can be proactive and informed to look good in front of your clients.

Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is increasingly being used to resolve business disputes and including an ADR clause in the contract is becoming commonplace. Many businesses are using various methods of ADR including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and conciliation. ADR most often saves money and speeds up the settlement process. It allows our adept attorneys to be creative and collaborate, making room for resolution and settlement.

Draft Company Policies & Procedures

Our team and network of specialized professionals can assist you with establishing policies and procedures for your business. From standard policy documents, employee handbooks, terms of employment, consultant agreements, IP assets and equal employment opportunity to labor disputes, HR issues associated with M&A integration, harassment, employee hiring & terminations, and immigration issues.


We work as a team with specialized legal experts around the world to give our clients the highest quality counsel possible.